Therapeaze Horsham  is the specialist for all  Male Waxing treatments.  If you want a professional service in a non-salon environment and with free easy parking, then we are your natural choice! Contact us for your appointment now!                    


Therapeaze Horsham  is the natural choice for Male or Female Waxing in Horsham, Sussex, Surrey Borders and West Kent. We specialize in Mens Waxing including Male Intimate Treatments.   Contact us now  by ‘phone text or email  for more details or to book!                

Waxing for Men in Horsham

Therapeaze Horsham  is a professional male waxing service offering hair removal from  all  parts of the body, including intimate areas, and also Spray Tanning for Men. For an unrivaled feeling of comfort and freedom, call us now and make your appointment!                  


is now quite common.  About 40% of men in the UK remove or trim hair ‘down there’.  Why?  Because it feels much more comfortable, hygienic, and cooler in summer. HOW  TO  REMOVE  pubic or intimate hair.  You can shave it, but if you do it produces nasty sharp stubble, in grown hairs and razor burn. […]


Therapeaze is one of the cheapest body waxing professionals in Sussex.  We specialise in male waxing and we do everything from back and shoulders to intimate and full body treatments. Good prices, easy free parking, close to road rail and bus links – it couldn’t be easier to be hair free! Contact us now  for […]


Is far easier, quicker and comfortable if done professionally.  At Therapeaze we’ve done hundreds of Back Wax treatments over the years and we are very good at it! We are currently the cheapest in Sussex, and one of the easiest to visit, with unrestricted free parking and easy road, rail and bus links close by. […]

Waxing Worthing for men

Therapeaze is a long established professional therapy service specialising in waxing for men by men, from back and shoulders to full intimate.  Easy access from Worthing, and free unrestricted parking. Contact us now for your appointment!                


At the time of this blog (04/03/2018) it’s still wet and chilly outside, but spring and summer are really not that far off!  Within a very short period of weeks you may want to be stripping off on some beach, and when you do what impression will you make?  Well groomed guy or hairy werewolf! […]


Therapeaze  for all your male or  female waxing treatments.   Click here for details.                

BACK WAXING in Horsham

Go to a specialist who knows how it’s done!  Contact  Therapeaze Horsham  now  for your appointment.                  


with  Therapeaze Horsham  in North Sussex. Men who want a comfortable hair free back often consider waxing and dismiss it as painful, maybe effeminate, and embarrassing.    This is a serious misconception –  waxing done professionally and quickly is just what many guys find to be the best option for a hair free back.   Why […]

BACK WAX in Horsham

Get that lovely comfortable feeling of smooth skin with minimum fuss, at Therapeaze Horsham.  Back wax including shoulders and upper arms is still only  £25  (as at 26/05/2017) so it’s affordable as well as easy!   Free parking, no waiting room full of ladies; it’s so simple –  Book Now!             […]


The answer is everyone and anyone!  At  Therapeaze Horsham  we’ve waxed guys from 18 to 85 and they come from all walks of life. It’s now no big deal for a man to be waxed, so come on guys, get rid of your unwanted hair!  Contact us today!               […]

Male waxing

There’s been a huge increase in the number of men opting for body waxing.  For many it’s a smooth back that attracts and for others it’s intimate areas too. It’s quite normal to want to feel clean and smooth, so hey guys,  book today!                


Therapeaze Horsham are your local experts for all male waxing.  Enjoy the clean comfortable feel of a smooth back.  Contact us today!                


is easy with Therapeaze.   We do all styles of body waxing for both men and women.  Contact us for details.                


is easy and affordable with Therapeaze Horsham.  Increasing numbers of men are finding waxing to be the key to comfort and confidence, especially with back waxing.  Guys of all ages are doing it, so take the plunge – book now!                

Have a SMOOTH New Year!

Unisex Waxing from  Therapeaze Horsham.  We are your local hair removal specialist.  All the usual waxing treatments including intimate.  Contact us for an appointment now!                


At Therapeaze we do body waxing for both men and women, professionally and efficiently. We offer the full range of normal waxing treatments for both sexes and we are also happy to quote for custom waxing, involving different combinations of areas from those shown in our price list. Waxing is easy with us.  No hanging […]

BACK WAXING in Horsham Sussex

is very easy.  We are the pro’s when it comes to waxing men and our treatments are not only professional but easy.  No salon to queue up in, no parking problems, no issues! Contact us and book now!