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hair-free fun!

Body waxing for ladies and men  is growing in popularity, since it gives excellent results and good value.  We do all the treatments and styles including intimate waxing,  for both sexes.   At Therapeaze you get professional waxing, expertly done.

Before and after – smooth skin enhances your physique

Waxing for men is increasingly popular, with guys trying waxing and finding it the perfect solution to unattractive body hair.  Smooth, clean skin feels great, and without scruffy hair your physique is enhanced too!  Waxing also lasts much longer than shaving and there’s no nasty stubble as the hair grows again.  It’s easy and suitable for men of all ages.

Feel clean, comfortable and confident.  Join the waxing revolution!  Contact us now for your appointment!

Hair Removal by Waxing

Waxing is more than just slapping on wax and ripping it off!  Pre and post treatment lotions must be applied, the correct wax for the skin type must be used and the correct technique for hair removal has to be employed.  There are no short cuts to safe and effective waxing!

We have waxed hundreds of clients and we are a professionally trained, qualified and listed practitioner.  It makes real sense to come to the professionals for your waxing!

Waxing v Shaving

Shaving is cheap but’s it’s messy, often awkward to do, produces horrible stubble cuts and rashes, and lasts only a day or so.

Waxing removes hair by the root so it takes weeks rather than days to regenerate and it’s far less course than  shaved hair.  Also, if the same areas are waxed regularly the hair normally becomes finer and weaker.

Waxing is thought by many to be the best, most cost effective method of hair removal.

Waxed backs are cool!

                  Suitability for Waxing

Some medical conditions and drugs make waxing inadvisable.  For this reason, we ask our clients to complete a consultation form before any treatment.

How Long does it Last?

Hair growth depends on body metabolism, time of year, hormone levels, activity and hair type.  In rough terms, someone waxing for the first time may need a second treatment a month or so later and then every four to six weeks.  As you wax regularly over months or years the intervals extend out.waxing17


See our  prices  for treatments and costs.  So why do men pay more than women for waxing? It’s because male hair is often stronger than female hair and there is more of it.

Pain Levels  as perceived by individuals, vary.  However,  at Therapeaze we monitor our clients carefully and we will not continue if someone is struggling!  We’re highly trained and we also use top quality materials,  so as to minimise discomfort.  Most clients say waxing is not too painful and many of them keep coming back, so it can’t be that bad!


Add-on treatments are an economical way of extending your waxing regime. We are always happy to quote for extra areas or combinations of areas not specifically listed elsewhere.

Young  Clients

We will not wax under 18’s without a parent or guardian present.  Young looking clients over 18 may be asked for proof of age.