Therapeaze Horsham  is the local expert in male waxing.  Back, chest, intimate, underarms – the lot!  We know what we’re doing and we’ve waxed hundreds of guys, so if you’re considering getting waxed, come to the professionals,  Therapeaze.




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MENS GROOMING WAXING | Male and Female Waxing Horsham …….. Tel: 01403 263651

Therapeaze Horsham is the local expert in male waxing. Back, chest, intimate, underarms – the lot! We know what we’re doing and we’ve waxed hundreds of guys…

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Therapeaze  for all your male or  female waxing treatments.   Click here for details.










Male intimate waxing is now commonplace in western society.  It’s chosen by men of all ages and backgrounds.  The reason is that once the initial few treatments are done, it gets easier and easier and the feeling of comfort and freedom gets better and better!

We at  Therapeaze Horsham  have been doing the full range of male waxings for many years,  we are your local experts.   So contact us now  to find out more and to book your appointment!



















That is the question!  Whether ’tis better for mankind to look smooth and cool, or to resemble a werewolf!  I dunno if Shakespeare ever considered body waxing, but it must have been awful in yesteryear to have to put up with so much unwanted body hair!

Fortunately for guys in the Sussex  Surrey borders there’s no such dilemma.  Therapeaze Horsham  is here to provide the lovely smooth, attractive and comfortable skin that everybody wants.

Click here to find out more, or to contact us for your appointment.










BACK WAXING in Horsham

Go to a specialist who knows how it’s done!  Contact  Therapeaze Horsham  now  for your appointment.











A lot of guys now shave or wax their pubes and associated areas.  Why?  Because it looks good and feels good!  Shaving, on the other hand, produces horrible stubble, doesn’t last long, and has to be repeated every few days.  Then there are the accidental cuts and skin irritation to deal with too!

Waxing is a far better and cost effective way of removing intimate hair.  It can be a bit daunting at first, but you don’t have to do it all at once, and the results are so good!  Lovely smooth skin that lasts for several weeks before needing another waxing!

Why not give it a try?  Contact us now for your appointment!










Therapeaze Horsham  is the specialist for mens waxing.  Back wax, chest, abs, intimate – we do the lot!

Contact us now for your appointment!










MALE  WAXING  for backs, chest or intimate areas.  Therapeaze Horsham  is your local expert.  Qualified professional staff, private treatment room (no waiting around), free parking.  What’s not to like?

Book your appointment now!











It’s mostly the back, but some men wax their chest, underarms, arms, legs or intimate areas.  It’s not weird or kinky – just comfortable!

If you want to start waxing, begin with a full back treatment.  It’s easy and affordable, and the results are great.

Contact us now at  Therapeaze Horsham  the male waxing specialist.











Over 40% of UK men trim, shave or wax their body hair, according to a recent survey.

Why? Because it feels more comfortable to be smooth and it shows that you look after yourself.  Hair removal by waxing is thought by many to be the best, most long lasting and economical method of hair removal.

What men wax is very much up to the individual, but for most guys back waxing is a must.  You can’t do it yourself, it’s usually easy and relatively cheap to have done professionally, and the finish is great.

Go for it!   Contact us at  Therapeaze Horsham today!











It’s easy to get your back waxed.  Comfortable and long lasting too!

Come on guys,  look after yourself!   Contact  Therapeaze Horsham for an appointment today!



is available easily and cheaply at  Therapeaze  in  Horsham West Sussex.

  •     Professional waxing service for men
  •     Competitive prices
  •     First timers welcome
  •     Easy and Free Parking
  •     Therapy clinic-based with treatments by appointment
  •     No waiting in a room full of ladies!

Contact us  now  for your appointment!













done by professional male therapist.  At  Therapeaze Horsham  we’ve waxed hundreds of backs and we know what we’re doing!  Whether you’re a first timer or you’ve been waxing for years, we are your first choice for male waxing.

Professional treatments, no waiting in a girly salon, free and unrestricted parking – what’s not to like?  Contact us now for your appointment!


Avoid this – get waxed now!






in Horsham West Sussex,  by Therapeaze.   But why do men want it and what do they wax???

Answer:  Why?  Because it feels good, looks great, is more hygienic and it says you look after yourself!  Also it’s affordable and long-lasting  –  You can expect to be fairly hair free for 3 to 6 weeks after a treatment.

So, What to wax?   –  Mostly it’s the back, but at Therapeaze we also get an increasing number of guys waxing their chest/abs, underarms, nose/ears and intimate areas.

before & after

We get a lot of first timers and they usually keep coming back, they like the look and feel of smooth skin so much.  If they can do it you can too, it can’t be that difficult,  so come on guys,  book now!












with  Therapeaze Horsham  in North Sussex.

Men who want a comfortable hair free back often consider waxing and dismiss it as painful, maybe effeminate, and embarrassing.    This is a serious misconception –  waxing done professionally and quickly is just what many guys find to be the best option for a hair free back.


Why you might want to get your back waxed by Therapeaze …

  • Professional fully trained staff

    smooth, comfortable
  • Long track record of waxing first timers
  • Low prices
  • Non-salon treatment room
  • No waiting in a room full of women!
  • Easy and free parking
  • Male on male treatments – embarrassment free!






BACK WAX in Horsham

Get that lovely comfortable feeling of smooth skin with minimum fuss, at Therapeaze Horsham.  Back wax including shoulders and upper arms is still only  £25  (as at 26/05/2017) so it’s affordable as well as easy!   Free parking, no waiting room full of ladies; it’s so simple –  Book Now!








Waxing your man parts, Male Intimate hair removal

This is a thorny subject, and at Therapeaze Horsham we get guys who regularly have their hair down there  waxed, and others who would never even dream of it!

The fact is, if you’ve considered it, even fleetingly, you may well be very pleased to have your intimate hair waxed away.  It gives a feeling of extreme comfort, liberation almost, and it shows that you look after your body.  Additionally, it makes your male assets look bigger without the all-encompassing hair;  the so-called optical inch!  It also feels more hygienic.

If the pain factor puts you off, remember that we have waxed many hundreds of guys and we’ve only had to stop mid-treatment once!  You are in control throughout every treatment, and we are very conscious of what it’s like to have an intimate waxing for the first time.

Contact us now to talk about it, or to book your appointment!  Go on, it’s only hair – you can do it!











Visit  Therapeaze Horsham  for all your waxing needs.  Whether you’re a first time waxer or if you’ve been doing it for years, you’ll find us helpful, professional and reasonably priced.

Contact us now  for your appointment!









smooth and attractive

for comfort and good looks!   Therapeaze Horsham are the local experts if you want that smooth clean look.  Back waxing is not as painful as you think, so why not try it?

Contact us now for your appointment!









is becoming very popular now with men of all ages.  Therapeaze Horsham  is the North Sussex expert for all waxing treatments, so  contact us  now  if you want to book a treatment or if you simply want to know more.

No waiting in a girly salon, easy unrestricted parking and professional male to male treatment.  Book now!