Men and women – it’s the best way to be smooth!  Guys, we do all the treatments!

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For a trial period during January February and March 2019 only, abbreviated or mini waxing treatments are on offer at  Therapeaze Horsham.  So why mini treatments and what do they consist of?

  • Affordable for men who want to try waxing, without breaking the bank.
  • Includes partial back wax targeting the densest hair growth only, for £20.  OR
  • Partial Intimate Waxing, pubes or sac, for £25.
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  • Easy
  • No embarrassment – not a salon
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • Professionally done
  • Free parking
  • Near trains and buses









It’s easy!

  • Private clinic location – no salon waiting room.
  • Easy parking.
  • Expert treatment.
  • Full Back, Shoulders and Upper Arms included.
  • £28.00  (as at Jan 2019)

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and many of them use Therapeaze Horsham, the local experts.  Back wax, intimate waxing, we do the lot.  First timer?  No problem, we knoiw what it’s like and we’ll help you through!

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Therapeaze Horsham  is the Male Waxing Specialist  for North Sussex, Surrey Sussex Kent borders and beyond.

We know that body waxing can be daunting and sometimes embarrassing, especially if you’ve never done it before.  With this in mind we’ve put together a very special heavily discounted intimate waxing program for men.  This is an unmissable opportunity if you’re thinking of starting out on the hairless journey!

The Challenges:  Embarrassment – Not a problem with Therapeaze.  It’s a male on male treatment and we’ve done hundreds, so we’ve seen it all and helped countless nervous guys.

Pain:  Waxing is not a rest cure, nor is it unbearable.  Many guys do it, and it does get much easier if you carry on with it and if you stick to your waxing calendar!  Remember, we are very experienced and we’ll help you through!

Cost:  Do your research.  Intimate waxing can be very expensive and you don’t always get the best job for the highest price either!  We are very experienced, extremely good at what we do do, and  usually the cheapest in the area!

What is the Program?   Well,  FOR JANUARY and FEBRUARY 2019 ONLY you get:

  • 3 Full Intimate Waxing Treatments (Male Hollywood or Male Brazilian) for £100.
  • The first waxing must be taken in January or February 2019.
  • Treatments must be no more than 4 weeks apart (this is the optimum interval for new waxing clients).
  • The £100 must be paid in full by cash or cheque before the first treatment.  Receipts are given.
  • Payments are non-refundable and treatments are non-negotiable, nor can they be deferred.

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BACK WAXING Horsham Sussex

Therapeaze Horsham is the expert for back waxing. 

Our treatments include full back shoulders and upper of arms.

Only £28.00 as at December 2018. 

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Click here  to find out about professional male and female waxing in Sussex and Surrey.  Therapeaze does all the waxing styles you may want and we are  Male Waxing Specialists.

Our waxing for men is all done by a man and whether it’s Back Wax or an Intimate Waxing, rest assured we have done many hundreds before and we know exactly what we’re doing!  Also, there’s no embarrassing wait in a salon!  Our dedicated therapy room works on an appointment basis covering a range of therapies, so no-one knows what you are visiting us for.

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Therapeaze Horsham  is the specialist for all  Male Waxing treatments.  If you want a professional service in a non-salon environment and with free easy parking, then we are your natural choice!

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Therapeaze Horsham  is the natural choice for Male or Female Waxing in Horsham, Sussex, Surrey Borders and West Kent.

We specialize in Mens Waxing including Male Intimate Treatments.   Contact us now  by ‘phone text or email  for more details or to book!










In  Horsham West Sussex, the best method to use is Professional Body Waxing,  and  Therapeaze Horsham  are the experts!  We’ve been doing Intimate Waxing for years for both men and women, and we know what we’re doing!

Don’t put up with embarrassing body hair, get it sorted.  It’s easy to contact Les at Therapeaze by text, mail or ‘phone.  Click here for contact details.













We at  Therapeaze Horsham  are the professionals.  We do all the waxings for men, including intimate, and we’ve done hundreds over the years.

First timer?  Talk to Les, who will explain everything for you, in a friendly non-pushy way.  Click here  for our contact details.











HORSHAM SPRAY TAN service male and female

Therapeaze Horsham  now offers add on services to it’s long established waxing brand, namely Spray Tanning.

Guys, if you enjoy having an attractive, smooth, hair free body, why not make it nicely tanned and hair free?   Look good and feel good!

We do full or partial body tanning – it’s easy, safe and affordable.  Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for prices.    CONTACT US  for an appointment.  It’s easy!











Therapeaze Horsham  now offers a Spray Tan Service for Men.  Look good with a natural bronzed look, whatever the time of year!  It’s safe, easy and affordable.

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Waxing for Men in Horsham

Therapeaze Horsham  is a professional male waxing service offering hair removal from  all  parts of the body, including intimate areas, and also Spray Tanning for Men.

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INSTANT TAN for Men, Horsham

Therapeaze Horsham  is now offering spray tanning for men.  It’s the safe and easy way to get a healthy looking all over tan for that special occasion, or for your holiday! And it’s only £25.00* per session, or £100.00* for five!   ‘Phone, email or message us  NOW   for more information or to book your appointment!

* Prices correct as at 19th August 2018.









Guys and Gals get BRONZED & TANNED with Therapeaze Safe and Easy Spray Tanning

It’s so good to arrive at your holiday location nicely groomed and ready to strip off on the beach or by the pool, but do you really want that oh so obvious white body look?

You can easily get an instant, sun-kissed, all over tan effect, without the dangers of exposing yourself to sun beds or to the sun itself.  Just book a body spray tan session with Therapeaze.  We treat both sexes and it’s quick and very easy.

Spray tans normally last about a week, by which time your natural holiday tan would normally take over.  At £25.00 a session it’s affordable too!   Even more so if you book a series to keep your tan topped up – 5 treatments for £100 (paid for in full at the first session, and with all 5 sessions to be taken within 6 months of the first one).

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is now quite common.  About 40% of men in the UK remove or trim hair ‘down there’.  Why?  Because it feels much more comfortable, hygienic, and cooler in summer.

HOW  TO  REMOVE  pubic or intimate hair.  You can shave it, but if you do it produces nasty sharp stubble, in grown hairs and razor burn.

WAXING  IS  THE BEST WAY of controlling Intimate Hair according to many guys who have tried it.  SO Smooth, ultra comfortable and looks so good!

Get it done properly and professionally  –  Contact us at Therapeaze  Horsham …











Therapeaze is one of the cheapest body waxing professionals in Sussex.  We specialise in male waxing and we do everything from back and shoulders to intimate and full body treatments.

Good prices, easy free parking, close to road rail and bus links – it couldn’t be easier to be hair free!

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