THERAPEAZE  is your local  male waxing specialist  for back, chest and all other wax treatments including intimate.  Find out more by clicking  here.








THERAPEAZE  is your local  male waxing specialist for back, chest and all other wax treatments including intimate.   Find out more by clicking  here.







THERAPEAZE  is your local  male waxing specialist  for  back, chest and all other wax treatments including intimate.  Find out more by clicking  here.







THERAPEAZE  is your local  male waxing specialist  for back, chest and all other wax treatments including intimate.   Find out more by clicking  here.









MALE  WAXING  is becoming very popular with guys of all ages.  The U.K. male grooming industry has seen a 200% increase in mens wax treatments in the last couple of years!

More and more guys are finding they enjoy the look and the feel of body waxing, and this becomes even more relevant as summer approaches.

Getting rid of back hair makes it so much more comfortable, whether you have to spend time at work or if maybe you’re going on holiday somewhere warm where you can strip off and enjoy your freedom.

It can take a while to get into a waxing routine so start your wax treatments in good time, to enjoy the freedom of a lovely smooth and comfortable back or chest when warmer weather arrives.  It’s not expensive either, especially when you might be able to take advantage of our special offers.   

Why not try it?   Lots of guys have and they love it!  Click   here   to find out more about waxing  or click    here   to view our current Offers.











The term ‘Extreme Waxing’  usually refers to the intimate waxing treatments such as Brazilian, Hollwood and Bikini Shaping.  It’s often associated with female waxing.

At  Therapeaze, we offer all these waxings for ladies, but we also specialise in waxing for men.  This means that we offer professional waxing treatments including Back/Shoulders,  Chest/Abs, Male Brazilian, Male Hollywood, Back Sack and Crack, Boyzilian, Brozilian, and various other waxing combinations.

So guys, if you’re interested in enjoying the freedom and comfort that waxing can give you, then take a browse around our site to see what it’s all about.   It’s no big deal to get waxed and if you do decide to go for it you may be able to take advantage of our Special Offers, making the experience even more attractive!













THERAPEAZE  is your local  male waxing specialist  back, chest and intimate treatments.

WAXING  FOR  MEN  is becoming increasingly popular and it’s so easy to get started with waxing as part of your male grooming, so why not give it a try?  You can get your back and shoulders waxed very cheaply with Therapeaze,  and if you’ve ever thought about waxing any other areas then we are happy to discuss those with you and give advice without obligation.

It looks good and feels good to be hair free so what are you waiting for?  Find out more by clicking  here.










Therapeaze Horsham  offers these wax treatments for both Ladies and Guys, carried out by a professionally qualified therapist.   There are Special Offers too from time to time.    Find out more by clicking   here.










Intimate waxing is becoming increasingly popular, and Therapeaze Horsham offers a professional waxing service for the full range of treatments for both men and ladies.  See our   waxing website   for details and visit the   mens prices  and  ladies prices  pages.   Whilst visiting our site be sure to see our  waxing offers  page too!














Male Waxing in Horsham

Back Waxing  and a full range of other Waxing for Men treatments, is available from Therapeaze Horsham.   We offer waxing for men by men,  in a professional, yet relaxing environment.  We are a private therapy practice,  so you don’t have to go to  a ladies beauty salon to get the smooth, comfortable feel that you want!

Even better,  Therapeaze has some of the cheapest prices in Horsham, especially for Back Waxing!   Be sure to have a look at our   Waxing Offers  page.















BACK WAX in Horsham

Smooth and comfortable, sleek and attractive.  That’s how most men feel after they’ve had their back waxed.  It’s one of the easiest waxing treatments to have done,  and it’s the most popular and satisfying one.  At Therapeaze it’s very cheap too at only £20.00!

Visiting the Therapeaze clinic couldn’t be easier.  Your treatment is done confidentially in a therapy room environment rather than in a female beauty salon setting.  Also, your waxing technician is an experienced professional male therapist, who will put you at your ease and treat you in a friendly and professional manner throughout.   It couldn’t be easier!  Book today!















Male Brazilian, Brazilian, Brozilian, Boyzilian or Manscaping.  Whatever you choose to call it, Therapeaze can do it for you!   Look around our site and visit our Male Prices page and the Offers and Deals page.  We often have Special Offers too, so it’s well worth browsing to find the latest bargain offers!














Waxing for men by men is becoming very popular, and it’s now available in Horsham from Therapeaze Horsham.

Ours is a professional therapy practice offering great waxing treatments in a private clinic setting and at very competitive prices.

Enjoy the comfort and freedom of a smooth body and hair free skin.  There are  special offers too!















Mens Waxing in Horsham – Where to Go?

These days WAXING for MEN is a normal part of male grooming, but where does a guy go to actually get waxed?  There are numerous waxing professionals in the Horsham area but most if not all are women and many work in a salon environment.

For a regular guy just wanting to be hair free it can be very daunting indeed entering a highly feminine domaine such as a beauty salon, especially if there are female clients waiting in the reception area at the time!

There’s  no such difficulty coming to Therapeaze.  The venue is a private therapy practice which regularly treats clients of both sexes for clinical therapies as well as for waxing.  No-one except the therapist will know what you’ve come for, and your waxing technician (who is a man) will understand your requirements and will provide a friendly, professional treatment in pleasant surroundings at a competitive price.













Waxing for Gay Men

Welcome to the Waxing Blog.

At Therapeaze Horsham we are sometimes asked whether male body waxing is a gay thing.   Our experience is that waxing is for any guys  who want to enjoy the comfort and good looks of being hair free.

Therapeaze is a gay friendly concern, offering waxing for men by men in a non-salon environment.

Whatever your lifestyle choices are,  male waxing with Therapeaze couldn’t be easier.   People come to our private treatment room for a wide range of therapies, so no-one knows what you have come to us for and there’s no waiting in a salon filled with ladies either!

We do our best to ensure that any guy can feel completely confident and at ease with us.

We do all the standard waxings plus the specialist ones including male intimate, so please have a look around our site and also visit our  mens prices  and  special offers  pages before you leave.   Whether it’s underarm, back, chest, legs, Brazilian, Hollywood or custom treatments  –  we do them all.

Our offers can sometimes give as much as 50% off standard prices so don’t miss out!