As at 1st October, 2018

Male Waxing

UPPER BODY                                                                                                   

Full Back including Shoulders and Upper Arms                 28.00                                 
Chest and Abs  including Shoulders and Upper Arms            28.00                                           
Chest Abs Full Back & Shoulders                              48.00      
Full Arms including Hands                                    35.00                                     
Underarms                                                    15.00

Speedo Line  including leg creases and pubic triangle        30.00
Back Sac and Crack (Including Buttocks but excluding pubes
and leg creases)                                             60.00
Boyzilian (Male Brazilian) everything off buttocks, sac, 
crack and front except for a shaped area of pubic hair.      48.00
Male Hollywood   the 'bare down there' look.  Everything 
off buttocks, crack sac and pubes.                           48.00
Boyzilian or Hollywood plus Back Shoulders and Upper Arms    68.00 
Buttocks and Crack only                                                                         23.00
FULL LEGS including leg creases and feet                     45.00
OTHER AREAS        Nasal hair, Eyebrows or Ears              13.00 
FULL BODY WAXING   All hair removed from neck to toes       185.00

CUSTOM TREATMENTS:  We are very happy to wax any areas of your 
choice and to offer different combinations to those listed above.   
Please  contact us  for details and prices.

BARGAIN MINI TREATMENTS   Click here for details   20.00 and 25.00

SPRAY  TANNING             Full Body                         25.00

Female Waxing

Please Note:  All treatments are done by a qualified male technician.

Full Brazilian or Hollywood                                                                                             30.00

Bikini Line                                                                                                                            25.00

Full Leg                                                                                                                                 35.00

Half leg (upper or lower)                                                                                                 20.00

Full Arm                                                                                                                               25.00

Underarms                                                                                                                          15.00

Different Areas or Waxings Required?        CONTACT US  FOR  PRICES 

SPRAY  TANNING              Full Body                                                                             25.00

OFFERS     Click  here  for details of current offers  and here for the very latest ones

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