From 1st October ’18


UPPER BODY                                                                                           

Full Back Shoulders & Upper Arms       £28.00

Full Chest Abs Shoulders Upper Arms   £28.00

Full Chest Back Shoulders (as above)     £48.00  (when done together,  during the same treatment)

Full Arms incl. Hands   £35.00

Half Arms incl. Hands  £25.00


Full Leg  (feet to leg creases at groin                     £55.00

Half Leg   Upper (knees to leg creases at groin)     £35.00                          Lower (feet to knees)                               £30.00

Speedo Line incl.leg creases/border of pubic triangle £30.00

Back Sac and Crack (Incl. full back, buttocks, scrotum but excluding pubes and leg creases                                                £60.00

Buttocks    £20.00       Buttocks and Crack  £27.00

Boyzilian (Male Brazilian) everything off buttocks, sac, crack and front except for a shaped area of pubic hair.  £48.00

Male Hollywood  for the ‘bare down there’ look.       Everything off buttocks, crack sac and pubes.                       £48.00

Boyzilian or Hollywood plus Back Shoulders Upper Arms £70.00

FULL BODY  All hair removed from neck to toes                  £185.00

NEW!      SPRAY TANNING    Full Body                           £20.00

Female Waxing

Please Note:  All treatments are done by a qualified male technician.

Full Brazilian  or                                                                Hollywood                           £30.00

Bikini Line                          £25.00

Full Leg                               £30.00

Half Leg (upper or lower)                              £20.00

Full Leg and Bikini    £40.00

Full Leg and Brazilian or Hollywood  £55.00

Full Arms    £25.00  

Forearms     £20.00                     Underarms  £15.00

SPRAY TANNING  Full Body    £20.00