• You may like the idea of being smooth
  • The comfort and ‘Groomed Look’ are desirable
  • It’s accepted that men can and do wax their body hair!


  • Embarrassment – No problems! , At THERAPEAZE HORSHAM your waxing is done by a man, who knows what it’s like and who has done hundreds of male waxings before. We’ve seen it all!
  • Confidentiality – No problems! Our treatment room is private and secure, as are your private details. We are part of a clinical therapy practice, so no-one knows what you come for, and there’s no waiting room full of ladies!
  • Time – No problems! We can usually fix an appointment to suit your schedule, and there’s no waiting when you arrive here.
  • Travel and Parking difficulty – No problems! We are very close to the Littlehaven main line station and even closer to the 98 bus. If you’re coming by car, parking is easy, unrestricted and free! Couldn’t be easier!

Special Offer! (valid until 31st January only) Back OR Speedo Line OR Sac (scrotum) wax for only £25.00!

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