In our practice at Therapeaze Horsham the answer is anyone and everyone!

‘I originally started offering these services as an add-on to my clinical sports massage and hypnotherapy businesses, but I was soon amazed to find that many guys from all walks of life want waxing’ Why? Simply because they don’t like body hair and no longer have to put up with it!

Most of the men we treat are not from the gym, nor are they male models or bodybuilders! They are ordinary people of all ages, who simply like the freedom and comfort of smooth skin!

Our clients include students, business people, police officers, medical practitioners, pilots, barristers, and builders. We have male and female clients, and they keep coming back for more!

Client ages range form 18 to 89!

If you are fed up with the look, the colour, the discomfort of body hair, then why put up with it any longer?

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