Therapeaze Horsham  is the Male Waxing Specialist  for North Sussex, Surrey Sussex Kent borders and beyond.

We know that body waxing can be daunting and sometimes embarrassing, especially if you’ve never done it before.  With this in mind we’ve put together a very special heavily discounted intimate waxing program for men.  This is an unmissable opportunity if you’re thinking of starting out on the hairless journey!

The Challenges:  Embarrassment – Not a problem with Therapeaze.  It’s a male on male treatment and we’ve done hundreds, so we’ve seen it all and helped countless nervous guys.

Pain:  Waxing is not a rest cure, nor is it unbearable.  Many guys do it, and it does get much easier if you carry on with it and if you stick to your waxing calendar!  Remember, we are very experienced and we’ll help you through!

Cost:  Do your research.  Intimate waxing can be very expensive and you don’t always get the best job for the highest price either!  We are very experienced, extremely good at what we do do, and  usually the cheapest in the area!

What is the Program?   Well,  FOR JANUARY and FEBRUARY 2019 ONLY you get:

  • 3 Full Intimate Waxing Treatments (Male Hollywood or Male Brazilian) for £100.
  • The first waxing must be taken in January or February 2019.
  • Treatments must be no more than 4 weeks apart (this is the optimum interval for new waxing clients).
  • The £100 must be paid in full by cash or cheque before the first treatment.  Receipts are given.
  • Payments are non-refundable and treatments are non-negotiable, nor can they be deferred.

Don’t delay – CONTACT US  for your first appointment!