Guys and Gals get BRONZED & TANNED with Therapeaze Safe and Easy Spray Tanning

It’s so good to arrive at your holiday location nicely groomed and ready to strip off on the beach or by the pool, but do you really want that oh so obvious white body look?

You can easily get an instant, sun-kissed, all over tan effect, without the dangers of exposing yourself to sun beds or to the sun itself.  Just book a body spray tan session with Therapeaze.  We treat both sexes and it’s quick and very easy.

Spray tans normally last about a week, by which time your natural holiday tan would normally take over.  At £25.00 a session it’s affordable too!   Even more so if you book a series to keep your tan topped up – 5 treatments for £100 (paid for in full at the first session, and with all 5 sessions to be taken within 6 months of the first one).

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