What Men Wax

Hair modification is now mainstream for men. In fact it’s been estimated that more than 50% of guys regularly trim or remove body hair. Therapeaze Horsham has certainly seen a marked increase in numbers of male waxing clients over the last years. It’s men of all ages too! Waxing is a great way to control […]

Full Back Wax

At Therapeaze Horsham the price includes your complete back from crack to neck, plus the crest of shoulders and tops of arms. Not all waxings are quite so thorough! Enjoy comfort and good looks – come to us for an easy and professional back wax! Contact Us now, for your appointment!

Mens Intimate Waxing

Most guys dislike their intimate hair, and indeed it’s hard to work out why evolution has decreed that we should have this itchy, sweaty bush to contend with down there. It looks so unattractive too! Well, help is at hand in the form of Therapeaze Horsham. We’ve done plenty of male intimate hair styling and […]

Manscaping Horsham

At Therapeaze Horsham we are experts in all styles of male waxing including intimate hair removal. If you just want a professional back wax or maybe something more, Contact Us.